Virtual Office Phone


The Virtual Office Solution!



Personal telephone answering service - Offering your client’s business a professional receptionist as a first point of contact for your clients.

  Call forwarding and messaging – Telephone calls can be transferred to your client wherever they wish or take messages and forward by email / sms.

CENTIUM VOP Popup Screen

1.Welcome  Message –   Set an alert message each time the call coming into the virtual company while the virtual company profile opened, then the agent can greet the caller with welcome message of the virtual company  name.

2.Call Options - Consists of two options Answer and Hangup. Agent may click Answer button and answered the call or click Hang-up button to disconnect the call.

3.Caller ID -  Caller ID that transmits a caller's number to the called party's Pop-up Screen during the ringing signal. The purpose of this function is to allow the agent to see the telephone Number of the caller.

4.DID No – DID No was done by pulsing the last 4 digits of the number being dialed before connecting the number. The PABX would use these DID digits to switch the call to the right recipient. Which will display under DID No column.

5.Fax No -  Display the virtual company fax number.

6.Extension – The function is to Transfer the call to extension number by clicking on the Direct Transfer, Screen Transfer and Executive Transfer button to telephone number or to mobile number.

7.Name – Display the virtual company employees name.

8.Title – Display the virtual company employees job title.

9.Contact No – Display the Mobile phone number, Direct Telephone number  and SMS of the virtual company employees.

10.Email Address –  Display the virtual company employees email address which enable to send email directly.

11.Company Description -  Display virtual company  description

12.General Info – indicate the virtual company information, which was referring by the caller.

13.Memo Pad – Can leave a reminder which can help the agent to follow up virtual company employee later.

14.Status –  The connection status of the popup screen, will appear on this column.

15.Exit –  To exit from virtual company  pop-up screen.

16.Edit  – Allow the agent to edit the memo pad time to time.

17.Clear - Allow the agent to clear the memo pad completely.


The service and the number of features that are included in the CENTIUM VOP plan are usually subscription based. CENTIUM VOP helps you present your company’s best image to your prospective clients and current customers by providing a complete unified suite of telephone answering services.

Uniquely assign DID for any of the virtual company customer.


Be able to answer the calls when a call arrives for the specific virtual company.


Send SMS to the virtual company owner / contact when a call arrives  for them in the office.


Transfer the call to virtual company owner / contact when a call arrives for them without the calling party knowing that the call is being transferred.


Store multiple contacts, addresses, information, transactions, history of the current customers.

Create itemized billing information for multiple customers.



CENTIUM VOP Agent/Server Requirements
  • Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista.
  • Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server
  • Intel based 1.5GHz or higher recommended
  • 512MB or more
  • TCP/IP Network Protocol
  • Network Card
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • SQL Server 2005 and above
  • IIS Version and Above
  • 10GB or more Free Disk Space
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